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Katie Moulton

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Ms. Moulton facilitates peaceful, purposeful and productive dialogue between the disputants, negotiates settlement in a calm and private setting, without the uncertainty, emotional anguish, and expense of litigation.

Katherine has a unique ability to establish a relationship of understanding, empathy and trust – with both sides of a dispute – early in a mediation session, creating an environment that encourages the parties to participate productively in reaching resolution.

Having conducted more than 300 civil case mediations, she has great experience in effectively managing the process and the often highly-charged conditions in the sessions.  Katherine has a more than 85% success rate in achieving a mediated settlement, and is often lauded by the disputants for helping her clients reach an agreement in seemingly unresolvable disputes.

Because of the considerable cost and risk involved in litigation, businesses are increasingly turning to Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a means to resolving conflicts.  Well-managed organizations understand the economic and non-economic benefits of effective conflict management through Litigation Mitigation and mediation.

Mediation has become an encouraged and successful form of risk management. Negotiating settlement amongst stakeholders in a confidential and inclusive process, rather than through a judge and/or jury, mediation saves money, time and relationships.

Resolving hospitality related disputes requires a deep understanding of and experience in the industry.  Often 3rd parties assigned to mediate are not familiar with the peculiarities and terminology of the industry.  With more than 30 years of industry experience, Ms. Moulton’s knowledge of the history and dynamics of the business makes Hospitality Advisory Services the ideal partner in developing a Litigation Mitigation corporate strategy, or in preparing your team for legal disputes.

Having personally worked through a number of complex business disputes, she is acutely aware of the potential harsh outcomes that can result in allowing a judge to make a final decision.  As both a plaintiff and defendant in a variety of cases, and also as a professional mediator, Katherine has become expert at applying effective strategies to encourage adversaries to work collaboratively to satisfy their interests and resolve conflicts through mediation.

Today, many binding contracts include Expert Determination clauses.  Whether a dispute has reached mediation or not, bringing in an industry expert to assist in resolving a conflict can be an effective method to resolve a matter, especially one in which a technical issue is the primary difference between the parties.

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