Ms. Moulton mediated one of my business disputes. She did an excellent job, as she understood the issues, dealt with the parties in a fair manner, and most importantly, made very creative suggestions as to a resolution. I highly recommend Ms. Moulton as a mediator in business disputes.

Harry W. Haskins, Attorney

Katie has achieved an outstanding reputation as a leading hotelier: this implies integrity, care and respect from both customers and employees – plus an effective vision as a business leader. Not only do I enjoy speaking, brainstorming, strategizing and just laughing with her; but also appreciate Katie’s perceptiveness, brilliant communication talent and kindness in making people feel welcome and engaged.

Stephen Darling, Hospitality Consultant

Throughout my professional experience with Katie, I have found her insight and judgment and her positive and upbeat attitude invaluable during contentious litigation. She is diligent, thoughtful, caring and goal oriented. I unhesitatingly recommend Katie for any professional role where her knowledge, wisdom and organizational talents could be employed.

Charles Bartlett, Attorney

Katie’s expertise in the hospitality arena, relationships with the giants in the travel world, mediation skills and many years dedicated to so many worthy charities make her a valuable individual to any organization that is lucky enough to work with her. Katie has guided many people to the path of success through the years – I admire her abilities as a leader and kindness as a colleague.

Catherine Cumings, Hospitality Executive

Katie is superlative at whatever she does. Whether it is as President of the Colony, or as Chairman of our Chamber of Commerce, she provides excellent leadership with wit, grace and charm.

Amanda Stiff, Financial Advisor/Adjunct Professor

Katie is laser focused, and provides a tremendous amount of insight with her extensive knowledge and experience in the tourism and hospitality industries. Katie has been steadfast in her devotion in these areas and has tirelessly worked to promote the value and importance of tourism for Sarasota County.

Director of Marketing, Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau

Some work in the hospitality industry. Others personify the hospitality industry. Katie Moulton is a leading example of the latter. Learning from Katie was an invaluable opportunity that taught me that hospitality is every bit as much a business industry as an art form. She possesses a unique brand of fearless leadership, tireless resolve and an ability to expertly match innovative thinking with an unquestionable honor of tradition, and it was my honor to be associated with such a consummate hospitality professional.

Yvonne Thompson – Colony Beach & Tennis Resort

Katherine “Katie” is simply one of the last, truly caring, hotelier’s we know. The resort owned by her and her family was our first choice of vacation resorts largely due to the care and attention to detail that Katie exhibited over an 18 year time span that we’ve known her.  Katie has an impeccable memory for her guests and remembers the details of what her guests want to make their experience more enjoyable. She is generous, fun and a consummate professional.  She is gifted in every way and would be a huge asset to any organization. The wealth of knowledge she brings about the travel industry is unmatched.

Kate and Tim Hanni, Wine and Food Consultants

Serving as Chair of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce while continuing to run her world-class (and iconic) resort on Longboat Key demonstrates Katie Moulton is a multi-talented leader. She knows how to drive a successful business and lead in the community as well. Wherever her path takes her, she will do it exceptionally well.

Pamela Truitt, Foundation Development Director/Consultant

Katherine is knowledgeable, experienced, organized and passionate, displaying all the attributes that make her the true Professional in her field.

Brigitte Von Kessel, Longboat Key Luxury Property Real Estate Broker

I had the privilege of working with Katie when we were both Directors for the Florida Lodging Association as we transitioned to the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. Katie worked tirelessly for our volunteer organization while at the same time earning the designation as Hotelier of the Year by an international magazine for the accomplishments she was achieving at The Colony. I would describe Katie as focused, intelligent, personable, professional and financially responsible.

Tom Cherniavsky, Hotel Executive

Katie is simply the best at what she does. Her management skills and interpersonal skills allow her to accomplish goals and results that are extraordinary. Her awards and recognition in the industry bear testament to how effective she is as a manager and a leader. She also believes in giving back to the community because she recognizes that every business garners its’ support and success from the community in which it operates.

Warren Simonds, Sarasota Business Executive/Community Advocate

In an age where customer/client centric care has slipped, Katie Klauber Moulton excels at being customer-focused. They are first and foremost in her mind and the creativity she uses to keep them that way brings great loyalty. She is experienced in so many aspects of hospitality, tourism and business, it is difficult to list everything. It was a pleasure to work and learn from her.

Morgan Gerhart, Goodwill Manasota

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Katie Moulton for many years and have always held her in the highest regard. She is the consummate professional and is considered by many as an outstanding leader in our community.

Kathy Baylis, Economic Development Director

Katie (Katherine) is a very professional and driven person with the perfect balance of personal touch and warm personality necessary to succeed in a leadership role in the hospitality, service industry or whatever executive position presented to her.

Steve Reynolds, Owner Reynolds Family Winery

Katie is a quintessential professional, a pleasure to work with, and a very honest and ethical person. She is a leader and a get things done type of person.

Phil Chmieleski, Construction Materials Executive

Katie and I have worked together for 15 years in tourism marketing for Sarasota County when my firm was the agency of record for the Sarasota CVB. The first thing that impressed me about her was her marketing knowledge and how well she was prepared for our meetings- many of which were held in public. Katie is very articulate and strategic with her thinking. Her work ethic is unsurpassed. Katie’s competitive nature makes her a real winner in whatever endeavor she focuses on.

Advertising Executive

Katherine is a consummate professional. She provided creative leadership to one of the premiere and unique resorts in the state of Florida. Her expectations of excellence guided a professional staff in the delivery of truly extraordinary “customer satisfaction”. The philosophy of “customer is king” permeates everything Katie does.

John Cranor, Retired College President/Consultant

I have watched Katie play meaningful leadership roles in the community. She was especially effective as chair of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. She is very strategic in her orientation, a highly organized planner, articulate, astute, and passionate about leading her team to success — whether that team is within her own organization or the business community at large. She is a gifted ambassador and advocate.

Diane McFarlin, Dean University of Florida College of Journalism

Katie Moulton exemplifies the best qualities of business leadership. Through the years, I have witnessed her sound judgment, gracious personality and team approach to problem solving. Katie is an executive-level decision maker who cares about individuals, and that combination is rare and highly valuable in any competitive business environment.

Heidi Smith, Advertising and Marketing Executive