Extreme Experiences Shape Leadership Success Strategies

In the attached article, extreme athlete and successful business woman Alison Levine’s recent book is highlighted.  The lessons outlined are wide-ranging, but at the same time completely interrelated.  They offer a comprehensive road map for strategic leadership.

Leadership success is clearly the result of applying broad concepts, often tried and true examples offered by writers such as Ms. Levine.

Here are the nine topics featured in the article;

  • Prepare, Prepare – and be Aware!
  • Sometimes You Have to Move Backwards to Move Forward
  • Assemble a Team of People With Big Egos
  • Solidify Relationships Before You Need Them
  • Complacency Is the Devil
  • Sometimes Weaknesses Can be Strengths
  • Sometimes You Have to Break the Rules
  • Set a Good Example (Even If You Feel Like Puking)
  • Failure is Good

Leadership Lessons from an Extreme Athlete

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