Can Emotions Aid in Dispute Resolution / Mediation Discussions?

In dispute resolution it is important to recognize that emotions will run the gamut…from anger, fear, grief, humiliation, frustration, and even fatigue to elation, gratification, and appreciation. Mediators often find themselves in a paradoxical position – on one side encouraging and empathizing with productive and often intense emotions, and at the same time compelled to fulfill our obligation to remain unbiased and impartial during mediation sessions.

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“Yeah, But” Is Not An Option To Effect Change

Have you had it with the “yeah, but” excuse?  Me, too!  In decision making, negotiating, or adapting to change, “yeah, but” needs to be removed from the vocabulary.  In order to be an effective leader and respected authority, decisive statements and clear communication is a key element to earn loyalty and credibility and getting results.  This is a lesson that not only needs to be embraced by principals of an organization but, as mentors, it is also our responsibility to assist our team members to learn.

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Revolutionary Thought + Diverse Talent = Innovation

So, you want to be a CEO of the brightest and most respected company?  You may have an awesome concept or a one-of-a-kind product that everyone needs and wants, but do you have the team with you to really make an impact in the marketplace?  Are you capable of revolutionary leadership?

One of my favorite moments as a corporate executive was when I had the great opportunity to challenge the thought coming from within the organization – or better yet, toss a completely new out-of-the-box concept into the middle of my spirited group when they were least expecting it and let them challenge and contest the very core of it.  If my team wasn’t prepared for debate how could we know that the idea was going to hold up when we rolled it out publicly?  How can you know that the idea, product or service is the best it could possibly be if you didn’t have diversity of thought and deliberation and open review by those that should be your most passionate fans…and ultimately your sale force?

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